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About Us

Our Philosophy

Most parents wonder, which is the best kid’s school near me? ‘How safe and hygienic is the school near me for kids? V.J.Patil public school with its “Child” philosophy and a new age Mindful Curriculum emphasizes that the child will Play, Learn and Grow life skills through exploration and discovery. Integrated use of games, and technology in our School curriculum makes learning fun and engaging for children. Our emphasis on the child’s well-being and development, in close coordination with parents, makes V.J.Patil public school one of the best schools in the Kolhapur.

Our Service

Choosing the right preschool is one of the most important decisions you can make as a parent. To give a child the best possible start in life, the environment must be nurturing, yet stimulating. Each child's individuality must be respected. A foundation of positive early childhood experiences will prepare the child for challenges of formal schooling...and the world beyond. A neat and hygienic environment, trained soft speaking teachers. Semi-skilled helpers. Colourful classrooms. Plenty of toys and block building games. A rest corner in the classroom. Drawing black or green boards. Sand pits. Playground. Flash cards to identify letters, animals, vegetables and colours. Close proximity from home. Good and safe transport facility. Good and clean toilets. Clean and filtered drinking water. Restricted working hours.

Pre-Primary School

We started our journey on 15 June 2018 and we believe that every child is unique, with infinite potential who is entitled to enjoy his/her childhood in the best possible way. Children should be valued for their individuality, culture and heritage. Stemming from the fact that every child understands and learns differently, every child is assessed individually. Rather than burdening children with tests and exams, children are observed and gauged on their individual developments. To be a Primary school centre built on love, learning and discipline; conforming to the highest standards and parental expectations. A venture, which is a serious Endeavour, that seeks to impart the right knowledge and values, and in still in every child, a sense of positivity, self-worth, curiosity and empathy; and in every parent, the trust and belief that their child is in good hands. To give our children an upbringing of learning, solid values and opportunities of self-development by continuously establishing and upgrading teaching methods for the new age. To nurture an environment that encourages open, regular dialogue between parents, cares and teachers that will lead to continuous improvement in facilities, interaction and learning for the children. To create an atmosphere of nurturing, learning and fun so that every child grows up into a happy, healthy individual who welcomes life with open arms.


It is an English medium school. We impart activity oriented education, Emphasazing and situational teaching and practical training. We aim at the overall development of student so that they grow up into sensitive and responsible citizen. To inspire love and loyalty for country. We aim to maintain high academics standard.

Features of our School

  1. Well qualified and experienced teachers.
  2. Science lab with all Facilities.
  3. Quality Education.
  4. Spacious Digital classrooms.
  5. Well-equipped computer lab.
  6. Kids play zone.
  7. Yoga and Mallakhamb.
  8. Library.
  9. Hostel Facilities from 5th to 10th
  10. School bus Facility.
  11. Various sports education.
  12. Natural beautiful Campus.
  13. Summer camp for school students and other children.


The following activities are conducted with a view to personal growth and development, effective teaching and learning experiences, to create an awareness of our national culture and to promote communal peace and harmony. We also provide facility to student to grow their skills in sports so we introduce new sports in our school.

  1. Excellent education for children with learning difficulties.
  2. Staff trained in conceptual learning. This method of teaching develops analytical abilities from a young age, thereby obliterating stress to learn by rote. More emphasis is laid on whether the student understands the concept and relates with variables in relation to application. The ability to express while explaining is also developed indicating total understanding.

Summer Camp Activities:

  • Gymnastics
  • Rifle shooting
  • Rope climbing
  • Horse riding
  • Calligraphy
  • Animation
  • Rangoli
  • Clay art
  • Mimicry
  • Karate
  • Judo
  • Arts and Crafts


Pre-primary section: 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Primary section: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Higher Primary section: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Saturday: 10 a.m. to 1:30p.m.

Admission Forms

Pre-Primary School

Download Admission Form
  1. Student latest photo copy - one
  2. Parents photo copy - one
  3. Aadhar card zerox copy - student,mother,father
  4. Leaving Certificate - original
  5. Birth Certificate - original
  6. Cast Certificate - zerox
  7. Student Medical Certificate - original

Primary School

Download Admission Form
  1. Student latest photo copy - one
  2. Parents photo copy - one
  3. Aadhar card zerox copy - student,mother,father
  4. Leaving Certificate - original
  5. Birth Certificate - original
  6. Cast Certificate - zerox
  7. Student Medical Certificate - original

Higher Primary School

Download Admission Form
  1. Student latest photo copy - one
  2. Parents photo copy - one
  3. Aadhar card zerox copy - student,mother,father
  4. Leaving Certificate - original
  5. Birth Certificate - original
  6. Cast Certificate - zerox
  7. Student Medical Certificate - original


Free Courses


Students Enrolled


Certified Teachers


Complate Graduates

School Facilities

  • Smart Classrooms
  • Integrated curriculum (State board)
  • Value based Teaching
  • Art & Activity Area
  • Skill Development
  • Field Visits / Trips, Picnics
  • Curriculum centered Activities
  • Natural Climate & Good Infrastructure
  • Computer Lab / Laboratory
  • Library
  • Sports Ground
  • School Bus Transport facility
  • Ecomomical Fee structure

Our Commitments

  • Well Trained Experienced Qualified Teaching Staff
  • Development of higher order thinking skills
  • Inclusion of self Discipline
  • Sense of Responsibility moral & community value in curriculum
  • Activity based Teaching
  • One of the best natural Surrounding School

Education will make that crucial differennce in your Child's Life at V. J. Patil Public School. We are Commiting here to bring out the best in your child by making each day count

A group of thinkers with innovative ideas come together and decided to start an ideal school. Where student all round development can be achieved.

The main aim of this institution is to impart knowledge in such a way that the student's all round development can be achieved. Main stress is given to assist the learner instead of teaching by providing maximum possible practical.

Maximum possible practical teaching and educational aids, so that they should become original and creative. The word Modern means to create an interest and motivate the students according to their innate abilities, so the institute is named as institute of Shri Vasant Jivaba Patil Foundation, which has been established in eco-friendly atmosphere creativity, gives children tremendous personal pleasure and satisfaction reward that have influence on their developing personalities.

The V. J.Patil Public school was established on 2018 now at present there are Eleven Classes from Nursery to 8th std in our own Building with Spacious Playground.

The V.J.Patil Public School develops child in almost all fields of life, like Physical development, mental development, social and intellectual development, as it is rightly said, "An educated people is a greater defense to a democratic country. Also this school makes children the Nation Builders of tomorrow's world".

The President & secretary of the Managing committee play a significant role in the smooth running of the school. The members of board are the active participants of the institution.

They keenly observe the scholastic activities and smooth administration of the school. They see that there are no hindrances coming in the smooth administration, which is required for the all. Rounded development of a student the also see to the necessities which are essential for the betterment of the school the come out with excellent ideas and opinions for the upliftment of the school board of directors are summoned for the meetings to discuss about the future planning. They do to the best of their abilities for a fantastic future of the students.

The V. J.Patil Public school is the Foundation stone and dream of our residential school.